Track Vehicles

Globalstar SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Tracker

Disaster strikes and teams are scrambling. Are you prepared to stay in contact with your staff in the field and keep track of all your physical assets no matter where they are if the local terrestrial infrastructure has collapsed? Check…..

Globalstar SPOT Trace

Globalstar SPOT Trace provides satellite based messaging capabilities so you can track anything, anytime, anywhere. Satellite technology tracks beyond the cellular coverage. Globalstar SPOT Trace works around the world, including virtually all of North America, Europe and Australia; portions of…..

Iridium Nal 9602A and Iridium Nal 9602AB

The 9602-LP (see here) is released under 2 alternate versions : Iridium Nal 9602A that is a 9602-LP with internal Iridium and GPS antennas and weights less than 180 grams and Iridium Nal 9602AB that is a 9602-LP with internal Iridium…..

Iridium Nal 9602LP Satellite Tracker

The Iridium Nal 9602LP is a pocket-size, low-cost, satellite tracker designed to operate with the Iridium low-Earth orbit satellite network. It is a self-contained unit relying on an internal micro-controller/GPS receiver for operation. The Iridium Nal 9602LP weighs less than 150 grams…..

Motia MDT-5700 On-Board Computer

Motia MDT-5700 is a new model of on-board computer line-up having 7 Inch LCD, Samsung S3C2450 processor and more rugged design for Fleet Management applications. And, this new product has more stable power management features through dual super capacitors/surge protection…..

Meitrack MVT800

The MVT800 is one of the newest GPS trackers that have been added to the Meitrack brand. The MVT800 can be described as a high caliber GPS tracker, simply for the many features and accessories that it offers. It is…..

Meitrack MVT600

A truly unique GPS vehicle tracker, the MVT600 has many functions and features. The MVT600 can allow someone to monitor the interior of the vehicle by attaching the optional camera. The camera can take snapshots when certain events take place…..

Meitrack MVT340

Essential GPS vehicle tracking and peace of mind security all in one. The MVT340 offers standard tracking on demand along with other popular features. It may be a base model, but it still offers many useful features such as geo…..

Meitrack TC68 (OBD)

TC68 is a plug and play GPS vehicle tracker with OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics II) functions that helps users to know the status of the vehicle well : Ignition on / off, rapid acceleration / deceleration, tampering, harsh braking, idling,…..

Thuraya Seagull 5000i

The Thuraya Seagull 5000i has a rugged and compact design for the harsh environment whilst also being lightweight and easy to install. The solution comes complete with a compact terminal, rugged handset and a choice of different external antennas (passive…..