WildFire FireFighting Solution
FireLink is our cloud based, openly shared platform, allowing GPS assets involved in Wildfire Firefighting to appear in virtual real-time on multiple common screens on the ground and in the air. Helicopter and fixed-wing  aircraft crew can see the actual GPS location of their aircraft on their tablet relative to ground targets such as wildfire hot-spots, firefighters and SAR teams. We can link Volunteer Search & Rescue teams together using automatic geozoning to exchange text messages and GPS locations. Teams would continue to use their UHF/VHF radios between their own team members. Base or Mobile Command Station using Traksat platform can see GPS locations and exchange text messages with other Teams. Any 3rd party satellite uplinks can be connected to Traksat cloud hub allowing for voice and data communications with other agencies on a global basis as needed. In locations where cellular 4G coverage is available, our TrakLink Android Smartphone App will link directly to the Traksat cloud control hub. Portable UHF/VHF radios with GPS can link to a Command Vehicle equipped with a Traksat hub and satellite uplink allowing all members to be tracked by GPS for safety.
Wildfire Commanders would like to see every asset on the same screen in real time. We process GPS location and basically any kind of data from a wide range of 3rd party companies. All GPS and text messages between Mobile Command Desks and Personnel are displayed on Computer Screens, including SmartPhones and remote Command Screens using Satellite or Cellular routing.
When Volunteer Search & Rescue teams from other regions join forces to respond to a major incident, each group usually bring their own portable radios which are on their own assigned frequency channels which typically do not link to other group’s portable radios. This is a global problem and reliable communications between groups is very critical. We can merge all the terrestrial and satellite networks under a unique ecosystem.
We provide an SDK to 3rd party GPS tracking companies to simplify the FireLink common screen integration, for those who don’t have in-house expertise, we provide bespoke development. We have built-in compliance with many 3rd party application to ease various integration challenge you may face like for example interface in a few step your mapping ESRI ArcGIS server.
We allow virtually instantaneous GPS tracking between rescue helicopters and ground rescue team under dense smoke
We allow virtually instantaneous GPS tracking between rescue helicopters and ground rescue team under dense smoke
Advanced visibility for greater operational efficiency
Use Cases
Satellite Communications
Our cloud service with global coverage can provide you with a choice of voice and data communication terminals, ranging from pocket sized Iridium Nal Shout ns with links to smartphones and laptops over bluetooth Also Iridium Satellite devices including the new Certus unit.
Smart Collision Avoidance
Emergency Services aircraft may be required to fly in adverse weather conditions with low visibility. Our dynamic GPS tracking App monitors the speed, altitude and heading of all aircraft in a defined geo-coded area. Where two or more aircraft are on a collision course, alarm alerts are transmitted to each aircraft. Using 4G-LTE, latency is almost zero. Where 4G-LTE is not available Satellite modems can be the fall-back network with latency estimated at under three seconds. Only aircraft flying within a geo-zoned radius of X Km (programmable) will appear on the screen.
A wide range of drones with IR or conventional cameras can be linked to our web screens. Normally achieved by attaching a compact 4G-LTE Router to the ground controller.
PTT over Celluar
When you fly beyond the range of your VHF/UHF Radio Network you can now switch to Vocalis with global coverage where 4G exists.
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