TrakLink Monitoring & Safety App

TrakLink is our last answer for those who need a simple but reliable tool on their Android phone to stay connected with base. 

Benefit from a mobile application easy to deploy in your organization to protect your workforce and ensure efficient monitoring of your people’s safety.

In places where security matters or whenever there is an emergency to deal with, TrakLink app is always running in background as a vital link with your team.

It works on any Android devices including tablets, over cellular or wifi (it also works well on some satellite devices like the Thuraya X5)

Download here:

Main Features

Tap and Hold the SOS button to trigger the emergency mode, start sending your location every 100 meters and send alerts to web platform (that can be relay by email and/or SMS)

Otherwise there’s an “I’m OK” button that simply help to quickly say you’re safe.

You can send and receive text messages from / to web platform users with minimal latency and clear message status shown.

Choose your sound for alert notifications from incoming messages and events

Network and GPS status monitoring to ensure the link with server is always up and your GPS is active on your smartphone.

In case something is wrong a notification is displayed. You always clearly see link status and a “Check Network button” can ensure you’re live.

Choose GPS reporting frequency from 15 minutes to 24 hours and choose if you want to include location with each report or not (it can be a simple heartbeat for privacy reason for example)

Get speed and heading with every GPS report sent when you’re moving and trigger speed alarm 

Optional Auto-Start mode that ensure the app will always re-start itself after a reboot of the phone for example

Run in background very efficiently without draining your battery, actually the impact on power is so minimal that you will forget you have the app running

Battery level monitoring with notification sent when low battery is detected, you can also know when the phone is in charge or not

Easy enrolment for new users. Administrators of the web platform can set up some special group ID to let users registering in their specific group or sub-group for even easier management.

Remote polling from the web platform that will work anytime even when the remote phone is in standby with the app inactive (running in background)