Iridium Tracker i50

i50The Iridium i50 tracker is an advanced GPS tracking and data processing device capable of operating over multiple networks. Internal module options include an Iridium SBD satellite modem and quad-band GSM-GPRS modem.  Multiple external devices can be connected, including Kenwood NEXEDGE mobile radios, OBD-II engine monitors, Garmin navigation and messaging terminals and lone worker devices. For more security, it can be supplied encrypted to AES-256.

  • Two way text messaging and emails can be processed over iridium (SBD), GSM and Kenwood NEXEDGE radios with automatic switching between networks.
  • Garmin units with the Fleet Management (FMI) firmware can simply plug into the rear panel of the Tracker i50 providing two-way text messaging and turn-by-turn mapping and navigation
  • The Grace T-Pass series of wireless safety monitoring devices provides two-way data communications between workers and their vehicles.
  • The Tracker i50 can monitor engine parameters and report any potential problems to the maintenance department by email within seconds averting major engine damage
Features :
  • Choice of internal modems. GSM-GPRS cellular and/or Iridium SBD satellite
  • Dual mode network automatic switching
  • GPS reports stored when network is lost. Automatic download as soon as network link re-established
  • GPS reporting based on speed, distance traveled, and events
  • GPS time/location on speeding over set limits
  • Reports based on sensor inputs
  • Time/location reports based on stop/starts over X minutes stopped
  • Remote control options. Up to four outputs
  • Data can be transmitted real-time or stored and downloaded based on time or file size.
  • Data stored while unit powered down
  • Delayed power down. Programmable in seconds up to 18 hours
  • Engine idling and running hours
  • Accelerometer motion sensor, three axis
  • Internal Wi-Fi modem (optional)
  • External J1708 engine interface (optional)
  • Panic alert mode