Iridium SBD

iridium-coverageIridium’s global, low latency SBD service is the ideal solution for monitoring everything from containers and trucks to planes and ships. It is integrated by Iridium’s Value Added Resellers into vertical market applications in industries such as Oil & Gas, Rail, Maritime, Aeronautical, Utilities and Government/Military.

  • The only true global coverage from Pole to Pole
  • Short data message transmissions
  • Capable devices include Iridium 9522A&B, 9555, 9601, 9602
  • Maximum of 5 unique destinations for each Iridium modem IMEI, with the ability to mix and match emails, IP addresses or IMEI.
  • Maximum length of a Mobile Originated message is 1960 bytes.
  • Maximum length of a Mobile Terminated message is 1890 bytes
  • Global network transmit latency for message delivery ranges from 5 seconds for messages of 70 bytes to approximately 10 to 20 seconds for maximum length messages.
Available Data Plan