Iridium Satmate i30

satmatei30The Iridium Satmate i30 is an advanced tracking product, offering a completely integrated solution. With everything you need inside the box, just power it up and you are away. With in-built intelligence and multiple network options (Iridium SBD, GPRS, Wi-Fi) this rugged unit can seamlessly adapt to any application you put in front of it.

With both land and marine versions of the product, it can cover a vast number of installation scenarios. The Satmate i30 is more than just a standard tracking device, it has the intelligence to dynamically expand its functionality by utilising various technologies such as Garmin Nuvi Navigator, Personal Pager unit, Engine monitoring systems.

  • All-in-one tracking device with multiple communication options
  • Internal battery (3 year shelf life)
  • Magnetic mount w/ side entry cable or Pole mount w/ bottom entry cable
  • 19-pin connector with 1 x full handshaking serial port, 1 x 3-wire serial port, IGN input
  • 2 x digital inputs and 3 x digital outputs
  • Hybrid communication networks with satellite and GPRS
  • Accelerometer
  • Internal clock