Iridium Nal 9602A and Iridium Nal 9602AB

Iridium-9602AB-Asset-TrackerThe 9602-LP (see here) is released under 2 alternate versions : Iridium Nal 9602A that is a 9602-LP with internal Iridium and GPS antennas and weights less than 180 grams and Iridium Nal 9602AB that is a 9602-LP with internal Iridium antenna, GPS antenna and LiIon battery and weights less than 230 grams

Iridium Nal 9602A and AB can be attached to high value, un-tethered or non-powered assets such as shipping containers, barges, railcars, trailers, buoys or even to a person. It is also being used by the militaries to track environmentally demanding platforms including helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, rockets, high altitude balloons, ships, speed-boats, ground vehicles and hand-emplaced and air-deployed remote sensors.

Iridium Nal 9602A and AB are designed with ultra-low power consumption electronics. At stand-by mode, the unit draws less than 65µA in the range of 3.5VDC to 5.5VDC input. Therefore, with a 2A-Hr Li-battery which is the battery included in the AB version, it is capable of delivering uninterrupted service of up to two years with two reports per day. Battery life can be further extended by using a builtin motion sensor to reduce reporting frequency when a platform is not in motion.

Iridium Nal 9602A and AB can send either a standard or a 256-bit AES encrypted GPS report at a pre-programmed interval ranging from once every four seconds to once every seven days. The interval can be changed remotely while the unit is in the field. There is an available serial port that can be used to communicate with an external sensor or data terminal equipment (DTE) such as a PDA. There are also seven discrete I/Os for external sensor interfaces as well.

Iridium Nal 9602A and AB have a guarded Emergency switch to alert the recipient of an emergency situation as well as to indicate proper operation of the tracker. It has five LEDs providing the status of power input, GPS fix, Iridium connection, SBD transmission and emergency alert.

The Iridium Nal 9602A and AB has the following features:

  • Ultra-low power consumption with standby current of less than 65µA
  • Wide input voltage range from 5V to 32V
  • Internal motion sensor
  • Two RS232 level I/Os for sensor interfaces
  • Seven TTL/CMOS level I/Os for sensor interfaces
  • AES 256-bit encryption both transmit/receive
  • GPS sensitivity of –160dBm
  • Pocket-size, self-contained satellite tracker
  • Real-time reporting and truly global coverage