Inmarsat SAT-202

The SAT-202 utilizes the Inmarsat constellation of satellites via the IsatM2M standard. The SAT-202 has been designed as a multi-purpose unit which includes modem and antenna with interface functionality.

Power supply is normally provided by the asset, however power source/battery backup is possible via an expansion module.

When out on the filed, the unit automatically selects the most appropriate satellite depending on its GPS position. The message is then sent via secure systems before being delivered to the designated recipient.

  • Complete Single Unit Satellite Terminal
  • 3 fully configurable inputs/outputs for sensor monitoring
  • Open drain output suitable for driving relays and indicators
  • Data-logging function includes GPS positions, transmissions and data for more than 6,500 entries
  • Transmissions are logged with a record of the time the message was created and if applicable, when it was transmitted.
  • Two cable entry variations depending on how the terminal is installed.
  • Direct interface is possible without extra circuitry
  • Enhanced Scripting
  • Geofencing
  • Selectable NMEA Interface protocol