Globalstar SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Tracker

Disaster strikes and teams are scrambling. Are you prepared to stay in contact with your staff in the field and keep track of all your physical assets no matter where they are if the local terrestrial infrastructure has collapsed? Check out the Globalstar SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Tracker.

Does your budget and departmental procedures mandate that all employees have a viable means of redundant communication and/or emergency assistance?

Keeping your workers safe and connected whenever they are off the grid in remote locations can be a difficult and expensive proposition. With SPOT Gen3, both small and larger companies now have an affordable and proven worker safety solution. Since its inception, SPOT users have been able to let their company, families and friends know their location, that they’re OK, send other simple pre-written messages and most importantly reach out to Search and Rescue…all with the push of a button.

And finally it could be also an affordable solutions for remote or lone workers when used with the Traksat powerful Web platform . Globalstar SPOT Gen3 gives you a critical, life-saving line of communication when you travel beyond the boundaries of cell service. SPOT Gen3 lets anyone know you’re okay, or if the worst should happen, sends emergency responders your GPS location – all with the push of a button. Add this rugged, pocket-sized device to your essential gear and stay connected wherever you roam.

Globalstar SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Tracker delivers affordable, location-based messaging and life-saving emergency notification technology via Satellite to tens of thousands of EMEA users, completely independent of mobile phone coverage. Thanks to its affordability and reliability, it is no longer just outdoor and nautical enthusiasts who have come to depend on it’s life-saving capabilities. Globalstar has seen increasing interest from the B2B sector as businesses fulfill their “duty of care” obligations to lone workers.

We are in Europe one of the very trusted Globalstar partner to support this. Many emergency services organizations have come to rely on SPOT technology such as some top world NGO’s, some Forced Armies department, some forestries in Africa, etc … Why are those organizations choosing us ? Check out the case study here

Tracking Options:

Only with Globalstar SPOT Gen3, is tracking motion-activated regardless of the level of tracking you choose (Basic, Unlimited or Extreme). A vibration sensor tells your SPOT to send track updates when you are moving and to stop when you do. This is a great new battery-saving feature!

The Basic Tracking plan will still allow you to send a GPS report every 10 minutes when moving and you will not be able to choose another report rate with this plan. To enable this, choose one of the new options available below :

Unlimited Tracking Set it and forget it. Pre-set your Globalstar SPOT Gen3 to send tracks at the speed of your adventures. Change your tracks to send every 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes. Globalstar SPOT Gen3 will send tracks at your chosen rate for as long as your device is turned on and moving (no need to re-set after 24 hours). Tracking doesn’t stop until you do.

Extreme Tracking Get all of the great features of Unlimited Tracking, but with the added ability to vary your track rate down to every 2 ½ minutes. Don’t miss a step with increased track rates!

Enhanced Features:

Longer Battery Life Globalstar SPOT Gen3 has approximately twice the battery life of SPOT2. Send approximately 1 250 Check In and Custom Messages on a Single set of Lithium batteries.

Battery Options Now there are more options for how you power your unit:
– 4 AAA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium 8x Batteries (L92)
– 4 AAA Energizer® NiMH reusable batteries (NH12)
– Line power with a 5v USB connection which can be a car lighter USB adapter, a USB solar panel, a USB power bank, etc … (SPOT Gen3 is not waterproof when line powered.)


Customized tracking features take your adventure to the next level. Choose motion-activated tracking regardless of the level of service you choose and set up a vibration sensor to tell your SPOT to send track updates when you are moving and to stop when you do.

Check In
Send a pre-programmed text message or an email / SMS with GPS coordinates to predefined contacts with your location. Your waypoint is stored for later reference and history report. It is helpful to let your co-workers / friends / family that everything is OK

Custom Message
Set up custom messages before your next trip to send to your list of pre-determined contacts. Use this feature as a secondary OK message or transfer your personal help alert to this message function if you are using your Help button for something else.

Alert your personal contacts that you need help in non-life-threatening situations. It will be able to trigger an emergency alert if needed that will be sent every 5 minutes until cancelation. You will be able to define a special status name for this button.

With the push of a button, you can send high alert message for the very important and life threatening alerts. It will trigger an alert on the platform that can be again forwarded to dedicated rescue center or internal security team. The S.O.S. button is for emergencies only.

Globalstar SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Tracker Specifications

3.43″ (8.72 cm)
2.56″ (6.5 cm)
1″ (2.54 cm)
4.0 oz (114g) with Lithium batteries
Operating Temp:
-30C to 60C
(-22F to 140F)
Operating Altitude:
-100m to +6,500m
(-328ft to +21,320ft)
Humidity Rated:
Method 507.3,
95% to 100% cond.
Vibration Rated:
Per SAE J1455

Learn how to use the Globalstar SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Tracker

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