Globalstar SPOT Gen3 for Corporate and Organizations Case Study

Keeping your workers safe and connected whenever they are off the grid in remote locations can be a difficult and expensive proposition.

With SPOT Gen3 and Traksat platform, both small and larger companies now have an affordable and proven worker safety solution. Globalstar has recently released a new mapping options for those who have more than 5 units on their account. This is an important changes as it will be soon mandatory to pay an extra fee for the use of their platform. Globalstar SPOT Gen3 for Corporate and Organizations is now a reality.

And this makes our solution even more competitive so check out why using the Globalstar SPOT Gen3 units on our platform will gives you more flexibility and power to your fleet management, why now Globalstar SPOT Gen3 for Corporate and Organizations can be valuable and discover what leaves us appart of the competition.

Full complex Users management

Units can be assigned to one or more users group or sub-groups and to one or more users inside each group, Users can have various rights and permissions from simple read-only access to complex full administration. Each user got its own login and password that he can change himself and can see as many assets as authorized

Alerts and Events Monitoring

High priority alerts can be relayed by email and/or SMS and will of course be displayed on the platform with a specific flag. An alarm sound will also loop and a red banner will blink in the messages panel. It is possible to cancel the alarm notification flag from the platform using the « Cancel Alarm » button so that a real acknowledgement process is possible. It is also possible to add comments or incident reports to a special event.


Secured Email relay

We are using SendGrid service to secure and process email sending. More than 20 % of the emails generated and sent by web applications are never delivered to their recipient. With SendGrid services, we are optimizing the delivery process to ensure customers get more than 99 % of the email sent ! We are using a TLS encryption for the email sent to ensure a maximum security of your messages.

SMS Relay

We managed our own gateway and deliver SMS all over the world thanks to Vonage services. Traksat offer SMS bundle that can be shared among all the units on the platform and SMS is priced from 0,04 usd only. All our package do includes however 10 SMS for free per month to cover the real emergency events that needs to be sent out to remote phones

Voice Alerts

We do optionally offer alerting through a phone call to registered numbers. SMS and Email tends to not be read or not given the needed attention in case of real emergency. A phone call is often the best way to stay updated on an emergency situation ! Globalstar SPOT Gen3 for Corporate and Organizations needs this kind of innovative alerting process !


Various Mapping Options

We  have  more that 10 different map options such as Open Street Map, MapQuest, National Geographic, Topographic Delorme, ESRI Road and Sat, etc … We also offer specific useful map layers like live trafic or wind & speed directions. We can also add on demand  layers like natural disaster alerts for example.


Each GPS report is linked to a postal address when geocoding data is available in the area. When generating historic reports it is possible to display addresses of each retrieved GPS position. It can also be used in conjunction with geofencing features of the platform

Historic Reports

It is possible to generate and edit complex history reports either in maps format (online or KML export) either in tabular format (CSV or HTTP). It is possible to search for one or multiple trackers and on any time interval. We keep datas as long as your subscription is valid ! Automatic reports can be sent by email on a daily basis. Even without logging in the platform you can keep an eye on your trackers.

Polygon geofencing

It is used to trigger an alert when one or more units are leaving or entering a defined area. Those alerts can be  sent by email and/or SMS and can be categorized as a simple message or a high priority alert. This is particularly helpful to warn when someone enters for example in a dangerous area or is soon arriving at a specific checkpoint.

Dynamic Geofencing

It is used to trigger an alert when 2 or more trackers are in the same predefined radius or when one trackers is getting away from the others. It is particularly useful to secure a convoy of cars for example or get a notification when a group of people are gathering at the same location. Those alerts can be sent by email and/or SMS.

Low battery

When the internal battery is going under 20 %, an alert can be generated so that you never go on the field with low batteries. Low batteries means that you will not have the best signal and this will compromise the security. The power LED will also physically blink red on the unit. The battery alert will be repeated every day once a day until new batteries are inserted.

Movement detection

We do offer software monitoring of the movement so that we can detect when a unit is moving from a location where it is supposed to stay ! It can be used in conjunction with our POI (Point of Interest) management list. This is a complementary service to backup the hardware vibration detection on the Spot itself that can sometimes be late.

Windows client available

For those who do not want to use our web platform, we offer windows app that is usually installed in control center  as it stores historical datas on the computer, providing maximum security and rapid access to history. Built-in mapping interfaces enables to use local mapping solution such as Mappoint or ArGisExplorer. It can use GoogleMaps or Bing but also push datas to GoogleEarth installed on any computer of the same LAN.

SmartPhone App

Our web platform is fully compliant with smartphones and tablets however we also offer specific Android app  that can turn your smartphone into a tracker but also enable to display other assets location and manage status of each trackers on the field. We can develop on demand some android  app that would match your specific needs !

Full interoperability

Spot units are not answering all the field needs of course, for those that have already a fleet of trackers on the field but want to have one single platform, then Traksat is the right choice : we are compliant with more than 100 different hardwares, we have solution on every other satellite network (Thuraya, Iridium et Inmarsat) and also some standard cellular solution but also hybrid ones that can switch from cellular to satellite, we have integrated also VHF/UHF numeric radios such as Kenwood, Icom et Motorola … all those can live aside the Globalstar Spot units and SmartOne units family.

Strong Technical Support

Available in French and English 7 days a week from 9 AM to 7 PM. We activate, configure and test all units before delivery for free. We offer training of the remote team (users and supervisors) through videoconferencing tools for free. We have an extensive set of helpful ressources including a wiki site, some video tutorials, and direct chat and call through what’s app or skype. We adapt the platform to end-users need and according to the field feedback.

Customer Portal

We do give online tools to help finance and logistic department to handle the whole billing process, yearly renewals notifications, units grouping by budget allocation, etc … Our portal enables our customers to keep full control of their units and they lifecycle. We keep improving it and build features customer are asking just for themselves.