Automated Bus Passenger Counting System

There’s plenty of countries where it is essential to gather acccurate and reliable transit data for public or private transportation companies. Traditional methods of manual accounting by drivers or estimation through random surveying cannot be a trusted source and is known to be a potential fraud breach.When allowing all-door boarding on buses, it becomes vital to be able to compare that data to fare revenues.

This is where an Automated Bus Passenger Counting System is able to give answers and specifically when integrated with an on-board GPS system to link passenger data to vehicle location. It allows to make informed decisions about where people are riding, and when they are doing it. This is critical information for making service changes, establishing budgets, securing funding, and responding to changing ridership patterns.

Fact_Sheet_apc-r-eng-fertigThe core component of our solution is a 3D Stereoscopic camera from the German manufacturer Hella providing integrated image processing and analysis functions. It should be installed above the entry/exit door inside the bus, and will precisely count passengers on and off the bus.  For public transport applications the installation of only one sensor per vehicle door is straightforward regardless of the door characteristics. This makes integration into any vehicle easier – be it a new or retrofitted vehicle.

Check the manufacturer brochure of the counting camera : Hella APC-R

i50This camera is then connected to the i50 tracker which is in a class by itself as an advanced GPS tracking and data processing terminal. Passenger count data is received by the i50 and routed over local GSM cellular networks or over Iridium satellite network to Traksat servers for further processing including daily reports with all records being stored in a database. Managers of bus companies can then log-in the Traksat web platform or use a Windows software client to monitor their assets and edit accurate reports.

See more details about the i50 tracker : i50 Tracker

The i50 Tracker installed on-board can also be used for many other possible applications that can help maintenance department and management with bus fleet monitoring and surveillance :

  • Driver ID required before engine will start
  • Speeding and aggressive  driving logged
  • Engine monitoring for Maintenance Dept
  • Automatic engine service alerts
  • Excessive engine idling (Fuel wastage)