Web GPS Tracking Platform

WebGate is our powerful web interface client which remotely connects to the TrakGate server (either our cloud hosted servers or your own hosted one), providing monitoring of fixed and moving assets. It can be used with any web browser and is fully optimized to be used with touchscreen devices like smartphones/tablets.

  • GPS tracking
  • Bing, Google, OpenStreetMaps and KML mapping
  • Polling for asset positions
  • Emergency alerts
  • Remote control of asset settings
  • Historical reports (map or spreadsheet)
  • Polygon (multipoint) geofencing
  • Dynamic geofencing between assets
  • Emergency alerts
  • Two-way text messaging
  • I/O monitoring and control
  • Follow one asset with auto map scroll
  • Hot pursuit for real-time tracking
  • Administrative control of assets, users and groups
  • Access to server logs
  • Unlimited customer groupings
  • Complete privacy between groups