Meitrack TC68 (OBD)


TC68 is a plug and play GPS vehicle tracker with OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics II) functions that helps users to know the status of the vehicle well : Ignition on / off, rapid acceleration / deceleration, tampering, harsh braking, idling, RPM, speed, fuel consumption, temperature, fault code and freeze frame. This is the perfect tool for safe driving (off-gas Emissions / car error alarm) and economical driving (fuel consumption/ fuel cost).

  • Friendly install without complicated cable
  • Dim : 70 x 52 x 32mm / Weight : 60g
  • SIRF-Star IV GPS chipset : more accurate and faster to get signal from satellite
  • 7 hours in power-saving mode and 1,5 hours in normal mode
  • 2 LED lights to show power, GPS, GSM and other status
  • Two-audio and listen-in / Internal microphone and speaker
  • GPS/GSM (LBS) tracking
  • Tracking : On demand, time interval, distance interval
  • Reports : Alarm, history, fault, snap shots, trip Alarm : SOS, Geo-fence, GPS blind spot, low battery, speeding, tow, external power cut
  • OBD Alarms : Rapid deceleration/acceleration, RPM over speed, ignition on/off, fatigue driving, overtime rest, engine overheat, engine error, maintenance, health inspection, fault, low fuel, etc.
  • Remote management,control and configuration
  • OBD cable extender for better signal and buttons ease of access
  • Operate over GSM and GPRS network