DataHost is the windows client program that resides on the customer’s computers. It is fully integrated with Microsoft Bing Maps and Google Maps covering most of the Globe. Microsoft Mappoint, covering Canada, USA and Western Europe, is also supported. It will also interface with mapping programs such as Google Earth, MapInfo, Streets-on-a-Disk and others. Datahost can provide NMEA output for 3rd-party development.

Unlike the majority of ASP web-based GPS tracking services, where a third party hosts all the data, DataHost stores all the historical data on the customer’s computers, allowing for instant recall and map zooming coast-to-coast in seconds.

  • Automated Position Reporting : The assets can be programmed to deliver position reports at pre-defined intervals of time or predefined intervals of distance. These position reports are sent to DataHost, Web Browser and Blackberry Clients.
  • Remote Polling : DataHost can be used to send a “Poll” message to the assets. A poll message tells the device to immediately reply with a current position report. This functionality is particularly useful when the central monitoring office needs an immediate update on a device location (yet the device may not be expected to send an “automated position report” for an extended period).
  • Remote Query / Configuration : DataHost Client can be used to retrieve and update certain settings within the assets like the Automated Position Reporting Interval or the Over-Speed Value. Some assets gives here a full remote configuration capabilities
  • Alert Messages : Assets will generate an alert under conditions (usually wh a “panic button” is pressed on the device or for example when the asset speed exceeds the current “over-speed” value). These alerts will be sent to DataHost Clients in the form of an “on-screen” pop-up message. The message will include details of which alert was generated, the time the alert was generated, and the device location at that time. DataHost stores all messages from devices, so that the user can see a detailed message history for any device.
  • Geo-fence :  Allows the user to specify a circular area (of selected radius) around the current location of the asset. Once implemented, an alert will be generated as soon as the device sends a position report that lies outside the geo-fenced area. This functionality is separate from the geo-fencing capabilities available within some assets themselves
  • Track : Allows the user to specify a circular area (of selected radius), centred on a waypoint anywhere on the Earth. Once implemented, an alert will be generated as soon as the device sends a position report which causes it to enter or exit the specified area
  • Historical Reporting : DataHost support comprehensive historical reporting of asset information such as viewing historical tracking data in tabular format (CSV), or on the “in-built” map.