Cellular International Data & M2M Simcards : Much More than Roaming !

Cellular International SimcardTraksat now offer cellular International Simcard enabling low data rates in a large and always growing list of countries. GSM/ GPRS/3G are the most common networks we all use it with our smartphones. However M2M and tracking applications require specific network infrastructurse to handle remote queries and secured link. Used in urban area where terrestrial infrastructures exists, Traksat is able to offer this professional services with our dedicated International Simcard offer available in more than 160 countries and enabling you to save on roaming charges and giving you peace of mind while using our tracking and M2M applications.

International Simcard Features
  • “Always on” Internet Access
  • No commitment subscriptions with “pay as you go offer”
  • Bundles packages from 2 to 50 MB per month
  • IMEI simlocking
  • Alert on usage
  • Voice and SMS service options
  • Flat low rate for data
  • Dynamic Network Attachment

Our International Simcards have the special feature to switch from a provider network to another when the first one is out of sight or not working fine but also when switching from a country to another. Thus you’re always sure to have the best GSM/GPRS coverage in the world as we can offer data service in more than 160 countries !

See the available rates and coverage

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Robust M2M service delivery and Resilience solution

Our M2M platform combines several elements to build a uniquely robust M2M service delivery engine. Mobile networks fail, sometimes for days. Resilience solves the problems of network dependence and GPRS signal loss. The solution consists of :

Multi-Operator Profile Roaming International Simcard
o Great coverage
o Guaranteed Connectivity
o Best Price possible based on smart Operator selection
o Strongest Signal Attachment
o “Embedded” SIM also available

Dynamic Network Attachment – MUCH more than roaming
o SIM Applet to ensure GPRS connectivity
o Applet forces SIM to Roam when GPRS connectivity drops below pre-defined threshold
o Extend LAN-like SLA’s to your mobile deployments
o Know that your data will get through as long as there is at least 1 GPRS signal available

Resilience is best deployed when your data is too important to miss for a day. Mobile Networks are under increasing pressure and they are failing with some regularity. Resilience platform is designed like the internet. That is, it routes around problems and can be configured to find the least expensive route as well. The Resilience platform also allows us to “Tender your Traffic” to the lowest network bidder and achieve reduced costs over time.

Detailed rates and coverage chart