Iridium Shout NS Body-Worn

Features Low-cost, body-worn tracker and messaging device Ultra-low power consumption Automatic location reports (>600 reports per charge) Sequenced distress alert switch Bluetooth connectivity to smart phone – Android and iOS Free-text, canned messages, or combined via smart phone Data logging…..

Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone

The Iridium Extreme is Iridium’s top-of-the-line satellite phone. Being highly ruggedized, it offers superior voice, SMS texting, GPS, low-speed Internet, SOS button, and real-time web-tracking. This popular satellite phone works in all weather conditions and is an ideal communications tool…..

Iridium Briartek Cerberlink

  Adventurers, meet your new best friend. As its legendary name suggests, Cerberus is a three-part system that will protect you just as the original three-headed dog prevented people from entering the gates of hell. Imagine having the insurance of…..

Iridium Nal 9602A and Iridium Nal 9602AB

The 9602-LP (see here) is released under 2 alternate versions : Iridium Nal 9602A that is a 9602-LP with internal Iridium and GPS antennas and weights less than 180 grams and Iridium Nal 9602AB that is a 9602-LP with internal Iridium…..

Iridium Nal 9602LP Satellite Tracker

The Iridium Nal 9602LP is a pocket-size, low-cost, satellite tracker designed to operate with the Iridium low-Earth orbit satellite network. It is a self-contained unit relying on an internal micro-controller/GPS receiver for operation. The Iridium Nal 9602LP weighs less than 150 grams…..

Iridium Nal 9602GSM Satellite Tracker

Iridium Nal 9602GSM is a pocket-size, low-cost Iridium/GSM tracker. It can be programmed to automatically switch between the Iridium and cellular networks based on a predefined set of conditions. Iridium Nal 9602GSM can send either a standard or a 256-bit…..

Motia MDT-5700 On-Board Computer

Motia MDT-5700 is a new model of on-board computer line-up having 7 Inch LCD, Samsung S3C2450 processor and more rugged design for Fleet Management applications. And, this new product has more stable power management features through dual super capacitors/surge protection…..

Iridium Shout GSM

The Iridium Nal Shout GSM tracker is a pocket sized, self-contained satellite based personal tracker and messenger designed to operate on global GSM networks when available, and the Iridium low-earth orbit satellite network when no GSM coverage is available, resulting…..

Iridium Shout TS

The Shout TS is the last generation handheld satellite tracker and messaging device from Nal Research. It is the Nano version but with a resistive touchscreen allowing quick access to the menus and ease of texting via the on-screen keyboards……

Iridium Satmate i30

The Iridium Satmate i30 is an advanced tracking product, offering a completely integrated solution. With everything you need inside the box, just power it up and you are away. With in-built intelligence and multiple network options (Iridium SBD, GPRS, Wi-Fi)…..